Our history


The CMI GROUP becomes the IWF GROUP


Contract for the design and manufacture of 40 skidded units for an onshore and offshore FLNG project.


Creation of sister company PROCESS SYSTEMS ALGERIE, as well as the construction of a gas conditioning package for the BOUTLELIS Site.


Supply of the largest transactional gas metering system in Africa, from basic design studies to Metrological controls.


Acquisition of ALFA INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL, specialised in oil and gas metering activities.


Relocation of commercial and production activities to the St Sylvain d’Anjou site.


TOTAL AKPO FPSO Project. The largest natural gas dehydration package supplied for an FPSO.

ISO 9001 Accreditation.


First natural gas dehydration unit with glycol regeneration process using thermal oxidiser supplied to GAS DE FRANCE.


With OPC licensor, supply of first DRIZO unit for natural gas dehydration.


Acquisition of PROCESS SYSTEMS by the Angers based Group CMI who are specialised in industrial construction.


BS&B PARIS becomes an independent company and is renamed PROCESS SYSTEMS.

Continued activity with clients ELF and GAZ DE FRANCE.


The main natural gas underground storage sites in France are equipped with dehydration packages and glycol reboilers from BS&B.


The first oil separation units are installed by Paris teams in the south of Libya and Algeria.


BS&B engineers construct the first glycol regeneration experimental units for the dehydration of natural gas.


BS&B construct their first experimental gas dehydration system with glycol.


BS&B are the pioneers in the construction and installation of equipment for pollution reduction.


BS&B PROCESS SYSTEMS starts construction of the first Weathering Tank in Sequoia.




PROCESS SYSTEMS is a French company with a worldwide presence, principally in oil and gas producing and exporting countries.

It arose from the company BS&B PROCESS SYSTEMS, created in 1882, in the USA. During the first half of the 20th century, BS&B enjoyed a place of prominence in the development of the oil and gas industry. BS&B engineers were a part of the industry’s migration from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma, Texas, Mexico and then into all of the oil and gas producing areas of the world.


BS&B was a pioneer in the design, manufacture and installation of pollution abatement equipment in the early 1930’s.


In 1947, BS&B built the first experimental glycol gas dehydration system.
Several years later, during a severe gas shortage in the Northeast United States, BS&B engineers utilised existing gas processing technology to design and build the first post-World War II commercially successful U.S Coal Gasification Plant for Caterpillar Tractor Company in York, Pennsylvania.
During this period, the subsidiaries were created for the development of its activities in Europe and in Africa.

In 1968, BS&B PROCESS SYSTEMS was created in Paris. Based in Saint-Mandé (94), French teams were responsible for the development of the oil and gas treatment activities in France and in French-speaking Africa. That year, ELF AQUITAINE PRODUCTION was its main customer through its African-based subsidiaries implanted in Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, etc.


This period was a boom time for natural gas underground storage in France and it is one of the main activities of BS&B PROCESS SYSTEMS FRANCE who supplies dehydration and desulphurisation units for natural gas storage in salt caverns and aquifers.


As a result of the oil crisis in 1989, BS&B’s top management in America decided to close its European subsidiaries (London, Milan, The Hague and Paris). A team of engineers from the previous structure rose to the challenge by creating PROCESS SYSTEMS. They continue to develop the French company and carry out activities based on the Know-How and numerous references.


In 1991, PROCESS SYSTEMS was bought by one of its main suppliers in order to benefit from its engineering activities. The CMI group from Angers therefore became the owner of PROCESS SYSTEMS.


In 1994 the company expanded its expertise with the addition of a thermal engineering department following the acquisition of the heat exchange section of the Parisian company TREPAUD, specialising in thermal exchange and with a vast experience developed in the French Nuclear program and research centres of EDF and CEA.


Changes in the oil and gas economy at the end of the 1990s encouraged PROCESS SYSTEMS to increase its international development by working closely with big companies such as TOTAL, ALSTOM and AIR LIQUIDE.


A number of challenges have been met in the last 20 years.
The DRIZO process has been developed, in partnership with the American company OPC for the K5P platform for ELF PETROLAND. A system for incinerating offgas from the distillation columns to regenerate the energy required for glycol regeneration has also been developed for gas dehydration units. The first unit was developed with a team from GAZ DE FRANCE for the Cerville underground storage facility and a second for the storage facility of Gournay-sur-Aronde.


PROCESS SYSTEMS continues its development through EPC projects in France and abroad. The amine treatment unit for SONATRACH in Algeria and the natural gas desulphurisation unit for STORENGY are projects which highlight the expertise of the company’s engineers.


The upstream and downstream oil sectors constitute the main activities of the company. Thanks to its experience in fiscal metering acquired over the last 10 years, PROCESS SYSTEMS is now developing its activities in the transport and storage of liquid & gas hydrocarbons.


PROCESS SYSTEMS is now well-known in the metering sector due to its experience through the supply of extensive natural gas metering systems, including the largest systems in Africa.


The challenges faced for more than a century has demonstrated that the company is ready to overcome any future challenge to fulfil our client’s requirements.


PROCESS SYSTEMS builds for the future and our team is dedicated to continue this tradition by respecting the quality, standards and regulations of the industry.