PROCESS SYSTEMS NGL fractionation technology

Process Systems NGL fractionation technology recovers and purifies different valuable hydrocarbons in the natural gas, especially of LPG (Butane and Propane) and C5+, making them ready for sale in the market or downstream processing.
After passing treatment and low-temperature cycles, light hydrocarbons are separated basis on their different boiling points in fractionation columns via the controlled heating (bottom re-boiler) and cooling (top condenser) of the gas stream. We maximize the added value of gas resources by meeting the targeted specification in a series of separation columns, mainly of de-ethanizer and LPG fractionator (de-butanizer). However, in the case of request, de-methanizer, de-propanizer, and de-isobutanizer columns may also be added to obtain more pure valuable gas constitutents.